Sunday, January 27, 2013

Copied posts from an old blog....

Fruit    5/6/11

Heard an interesting thing on the radio the other day....talking about the verse that says good trees produce good fruit and bad trees produce good fruit. They said a good way to measure which kind of tree you are is to look at who you mostly hang out with. Are they producing good things or worldly things? They also talked about how people say that Jesus hung out with sinners, but how really he went and ministered to the sinners and broken people, but the people he really "hung out" with were the 12 and they were hand picked...Interesting thoughts....

Right Place / Right Time    4/12/11

Some may call it fate or coincidence but I call it GOD.....tonight I forgot I promised to make muffins for teachers tomorrow. I remembered at Midnight. I drove to Kroger to find them closed...drove to Walmart and got them. I might add that I was less than thrilled to be going at Midnight and to find Kroger closed! I got to the checkout and there was a guy who had waited til midnight to cash his check so it would be the right date and the machine would not read it. So basically they would not cash his paycheck and he had no cash at all.... He was pretty much stranded without gas and was pretty upset. I happened to have $10, so I gave it to him. No one else appeared to be willing to....I am pretty sure God put me there at that moment to help him and I cannot explain in words how cool that is!

Faith and How We Perceive Ourselves    11/12/09
So, today a friend came up to me and said that she was talking about me last night and said that she thought I really showed Christ in my life and actions. She also said that she had been thinking about the things that she could do better to live out her faith. Another friend came up a little later and said that when he was reading the Bible today, he was convicted about something he said yesterday when I was collecting money for a co-worker who had their baby very early. It was flattering and felt nice...but also got me thinking...I do not usually feel that way about myself. I mean I do nice things for others when I can and I try to live the right way....but there are so many things I could do better. I don't tithe the way I should, I don't read the Bible every day like I should, I don't carve out special time for praying like I should. I have been a Christian for a long time and I know alot about the Bible. But I still think of myself as a baby Christian. I feel like I should be further along....more of a mature Christian. When I think of godly women, I am not the first person who pops into my mind. I think of my friend Michele--who is very quiet and sweet and mild mannered. She has always led a very pure life and stayed true to Christian values....She led many people to Christ in high school and college thru her lifestyle and gentle approach. I think of Lori who is very gifted musically and leads worship. She always seems so together and calm. She seems to do a great job balancing being a wife and mother and leader in the church. She seems graceful under pressure and always seems to know just how to pray for someone. I think of Angela who is the queen of getting things done. She somehow manages to handle a million things all at the same time with a smile on her face. She can round up a crew to help with any project and seems to show up with what someone needs right when they need it. I think of Sandy and Jennifer and well just many wonderful ladies who are godly women. When I compare myself to them I do not feel like I measure up. I am bossy and impulsive and emotional and sometimes demanding.....I am skattered and late everywhere and loud. But I we all feel this way? Do we all feel like we don't measure up? I know in my head that the Bible talks about the body having many parts and and how they each have a special purpose....but in my heart there is always someone doing it better....having better gifts than me...being more together than me. I have moments where I feel strong and together and like I am living like Christ and then the very next moment I fall flat on my face. Anyway....I am just we all feel this way???

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