Saturday, July 13, 2013


Unfortunately, one of the parts of this life is that friends will betray us at times.  Obviously not all, but some.  It has happened to all of us from time to time.  I recently had this happen.  I had a very close friend...we had been best friends for a long time and we both know all of the ins and outs of each others lives.  We have shared very intimate details of our lives with each other.  Well, something happened and she shared some of those things with another person.  It should not have happened and it broke my heart....but it reminds me of a lesson I taught at church camp this past winter.  We should trust God even when people betray us.    That was the title of my lesson and the story was the tale of Judas.  I am guessing most of you know this story, but just in case you don't--here it is.  Judas was one of Jesus' disciples.  He was in Jesus' inner circle of friends and people he trusted.  Judas got jealous and greedy and decided to betray Jesus by handing him over to the Roman guard.  He took a few silver pieces in return for this.  He told the soldiers which one was Jesus by kissing him on the cheek, which was a sign of affection between two very close friends.  This was the ultimate betrayal.  Ultimately, it led to Jesus being crucified on the cross...but it also led to the gift of salvation being made available to all people.  So, here is the thing....Jesus knew that Judas would do this before he chose him to be a disciple....before he was born even.  He knew.  And, still he chose him.  He trusted him.   He shared with him and taught him.  He loved him.  Even though he knew how it would end...he still chose him.  And, Judas realized that he messed up shortly after it happened.  He actually ended up taking his own life.  Now here is the other crazy thing....What Judas should have done was repent and ask for forgiveness....his eternal future probably would have ended up differently.  But, he didn't.  I believe that Jesus would have forgiven him.  I believe Jesus used this betrayal for good.  So, even though it hurts deeply when we are betrayed, it is best to forgive and to love and trust people even though they might hurt us.  I plan to keep living that way.