Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chelle's Diet

So, over the past twenty(ish) years I somehow managed to gain over 100 pounds....Not really something I am proud of.  There are many reasons....two kids, my thyroid got sluggish, depression, several bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia which caused me to need steroids, etc.  So I tipped 200 in January of 2012 reaching a high of 210!  I never dreamed that I would get that big and it really made me sick.  I felt powerless and like there was no way I would ever take it off.  I kind of settled into it I guess...Well, in June of 2012, I went to Brazil on a mission trip.  I have talked about it changing my life in many ways, but my weight is the most recent result of that trip.  I remember when I was on the trip, I complained about my weight all the time and was just disgusted with myself. 

Katie, another girl on the trip, said "well, do something about it."  We actually talked about it quite a bit and she shared the story of how much weight she had lost and how she did it.  When I came home from Brazil, I had lost seven pounds.  I decided to try some of the stuff from that trip and it has really worked.  I have tried many diets and failed.  This doesn't feel like a here goes.

When we were in Brazil, we ate three meals a day and a snack.  We ate cake (yep cake), cheese, meat, and fruit for breakfast with some sort of juice.  We had noodles, rice, meat, veggies, and fruit for lunch.  We drank pop with it.  For dinner, again noodles, rice, meat, veggies, fruit, and pop.  We also had dessert like cake or flan with dinner each night.  Then usually in the later evening we had a snack.  It might be a cake or flan or a smoothie.  Throughout the rest of the day we drank water and lots of it.  There was no food out in between meals and we were busy, so I didn't just snack all day.  I think that one thing that happened was that my stomach shrank back to a normal size.  Our stomachs should be about the size of our fist.  I think when you eat and snack all the time, you stretch it out over time.  Also, all of the food on the trip was cooked from scratch.  It was fresh stuff.  So, what I do now.....
1.  I eat what I want when I want--if I want a cupcake, I eat a cupcake.   But, it is ONE cupcake and it isn't like every day.  I never feel cheated or like I am missing out, so I don't feel the need to sneak food.
2.  I eat until I am full.  Sometimes that is five bites and sometimes it is a full plate, but the second I start to feel full, I am satisfied and I stop. 
3.  I try to eat mostly foods that are cooked fresh--from scratch.  I try not to eat out alot.  Since I have been doing this, fast food tastes gross to me.  I mean so gross that I take a bite or two and throw it away.  And, real food has so much flavor!  Veggies and fruits are full of flavor.  I think when you eat junk, you kind of coat or dull your taste buds which makes junk taste good.  But, when you detox from the junk you really start to taste things. 
4.  I gave up pop in the last month or so.  Again, every once in awhile I have one.  The first four days were aweful.  I had gotten into a habit of drinking lots of Mt. Dew.  So the first four days without it, I just wanted one so bad!  Well, on the fourth day I caved and bought one.  I drank it and guess didn't even taste that good.  I didn't even finish it.  I have found that when I have pop, one pop might last me several hours and that may be all I drink all day.  When I am drinking water, I drink alot more.  Like 6-7 or more bottles a day.  That makes me go to the restroom more which I think flushes all the garbage out.  Again, now that I am in the habit, water tastes really good to me.
5.  I just started adding a little bit of exercise.  I am just doing about 15 minutes a day on the wii fit.  I tripled the amount of weight lost in a week just by adding this bit. 
6.  I try to weigh myself every day.  I use the wii fit and I can see the last year on the graph on it.  I also post about the losses on facebook.  It gives me a bit more incentive to keep going and makes me feel accountable.

Again, the bottom line is that I don't feel like I am dieting and this is not hard.  It was a little hard at first, but being on the mission trip was a good way to start.  I have made lifestyle changes that I feel like I will be able to maintain for life. 

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