Friday, May 3, 2013

Heart of Glass


You say that I have too many walls
Surrounding this heart of glass
You need to understand that they are there for a reason
Without them I could not be safe
Without them I would be too fragile
But, they are not permanent fixtures
They can come down
You just have to show me that you are safe
And that you won’t smash my heart if given the chance
You will have to take those bricks down one by one
Just as they were put up one by one
There is so much in there that I would love to share
But I don’t find too many who are worthy
Or patient enough to find the real me
Will you be the one to carefully remove each brick?
Do you really care what’s in there?
You say, “Yes, of course!”
That is not enough….
Show me

I wrote this in 1986!  Crazy to think how long ago that was...and crazy to think how much this still applies today....