Sunday, March 13, 2016

What if God Were Writing the Bible Today?

Do you ever wonder who would be in the Bible today if God were writing it now?  I sometimes think about that.  Working with preschoolers, I find myself reading and studying the stories in the Old Testament alot.  Sometimes the New, but mostly the Old.  It is funny, I remember learning the stories when I was little, but they are different now than I remember.  I do not think it is any kind of accident that God chose the people he did.  We think of Noah and we remember the ark, but AFTER that there is a story about him being found drunk on the floor naked passed out by his son.  We think of David and we think of Goliath, but AFTER he became king, he stole someone's wife and killed her husband.  We hear all kinds of stories and think about the people who were a mess and then they found God (or he found them) and then they got it together.  But, there are stories after stories of people who were a mess.  The only thing they got right was loving and following God, but even when they had it right part of the time, they really botched it other times!  Sometimes I feel like I have it all together and others I think whoa I am a hot mess!  And even though I know about God and I love him so much, I struggle with stuff every day.  

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