Monday, February 13, 2012

Those sneaky emotions....

I will post in red today in honor of Valentine's Day...aka Single Awareness Day. So, I am cruising through life--feeling pretty good. Everything seems to be going well.....just going through another day and then WHAM.....those wacky emotions crash in and turn you upside down. For me, it was sitting in my daughter's choir concert tonight. Of course, being the day before Valentine's Day--it is chock full of love songs and is called the "Love Concert". It was beautiful and she was beautiful. I loved it. However, as I was sitting there listening, Loads of memories flooded my brain and before you know it, I was sitting there thinking that I would give just about anything to keep from just totally sobbing there in the middle of her concert. That, I must say is an aweful feeling and can often catch me off guard. You see I truly am happy 99% of the time. I love my life. It is full of friends and my kids and lots of blessings. I truly LOVE my life. But sitting there in that concert of LOVE, I remembered when I was proposed to many years ago a few days before Valentine's Day because he just could not wait until the actual day. That led me to remember my wedding and his Mom--who I adored and who recently passed away. I remembered getting ready to have my first child--my precious Emma, just a few years after that. And, I thought about how it has been a few years since I have had a "valentine". I am going to blame all of this mushy sentiment on this "special" day getting ready to occur and I am going to be glad tomorrow when it is over for another year. I am guessing I am not the only one who gets a little teary eyed at this time of year.

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