Monday, August 19, 2013

Patience of Job? Maybe not....

So, recently I have been reading and thinking about Job.  You know, the guy in the Bible.  He is the one who God said would remain faithful no matter what Satan did to him.  God let Satan take everything from Job...his money, his family, his reputation, everything.  Satan wanted him to curse God, but Job did not.  So people talk about having the patience of Job...putting the credit on Job...But, I think I have a different take on the whole situation.  Now, when we hear / read the story it tells how Job lost everything.  And it talks about how Job remained faithful to God.  And it talks about how Job got rewarded greatly for his faithfulness later in his life.  But, here's the thing.  I don't think it was Job...I mean, kind of it was...but really I think it was God.  I think God had made himself known to Job....REAL to Job.  I think God had spent time with Job and let him see who he really is.  And, the thing is that no matter what Satan took from Job or did to Job, he could not take that "realness" from him.  Maybe Satan himself did not even realize that.  So, then the next question comes---does God reveal himself to us today?  Does he show US his "realness"?  I believe that he does...but I also believe that many of us just miss it somehow....I am not sure why that is--if it is us or him.  I know that for me personally God has made himself very real.  I have seen miracles--not just one, but multiple times.  I have heard his voice--not actually a voice, but more like a thought in my head that is somehow different but very clear.  That has happened several times and each time it has been very clear, but very unusual.  Which leads me to my next thought....a few people have mentioned Job to me in recent months because of the various trials that I have been through.  They (trials) have come in waves and seem to be relentless.  I can kind of relate to Job....I get angry at times and weepy at times.  Other times I feel confused or scared.  But, through all of this stuff...I am not sure I have ever felt closer to God....It is difficult to explain or understand, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is real or that he is present.   There is no doubt in my mind that he loves me and my family.  I can feel his presence in the middle of all this and am often reminded of his blessings and care of me even during the drama.  I have no doubt that these troubles will end and I know that somehow all of this makes sense in his plan.  I know that he has good plans for me and for everyone who believes.  So, going back to Job....I am guessing he felt the same way.  But, I bet if you asked him what he thought of people saying they have the "patience of Job" he would say that they are putting too much emphasis and faith in him and not enough in God.  I bet he would say that God was so real to him that he never doubted him and that he knew somehow it would all make sense someday.  So, where are you in this walk?  Are you noticing all of the signs God is leaving for you?  Are you giving him the time and attention to let him reveal himself to you?  Are you open to the idea that he is real and is a God who absolutely adores you?  Ask him to open your eyes and mind to his presence.  I have no doubt that he will reveal himself to you and become so real that nothing can make you ever doubt his presence and love for you.

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