Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Culture Shock

I am experiencing culture shock upon my return home.  I truly did not expect that....but for two weeks I had no tv, news, internet, etc.  There were many things that were different in Brazil, but honestly those changes were easier than my return home.  Upon entering the Miami airport we were faced with a large tv blasting the news.  The stories were ridiculous.  When I went to the store I saw all of the magazines with all of the latest gossip on the stars.  I think we get numb to just how much junk we have in our lives and it takes a detox to make us see it.   Everywhere I look I see junk junk junk.  When we go to other countries to help them, I think we feel sort of superior to them and that we are going to rescue them.  I think maybe they have it better than us in some ways.  On the trip, we worked hard when it was time to work, but there was a very clear end to the work at noon each day and in the evening.  And when we stopped working, we relaxed and talked and played and laughed.  That is not normal for me.  I work and work and work and work.  If I have a little time left over, I might relax or do something fun.  It is not planned or purposeful.  I think I am going to plan my relaxing time and play time.   I feel like that is healthy.  Also, I was warned about the food on the trip.  Don't drink the water.....wash the fruit....cook the veggies.  Honestly, we ate very well.  It was all fresh and healthy and nutritious.  It was not thawed according to our standards here--they just layed it out on the deck until it thawed.  But, none of us got sick from the food on the boat.  We did start getting sick when we started eating processed and restaurant food again.  Again, I think we numb ourselves to the junk and don't even realize that it is making us sick.  In many ways I think I am going to bring Brazil home with me and make some healthy changes.

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